About Us


We keep things simple. You can summarize our philosophy in a simple formula:

Quality Products + Great Customer Service

+ Affordable Payments

How It Works

Showcase Aviation is an online store with one common theme; aviation products. We select from manufacturers who produce quality products at competitive prices. Finally, we make these products affordable through the Showcase Credit program.

Distinct Products

The team at Showcase Aviation is focused on a unique product, a special purpose product, the kind of product that has a following, the kind of product that has distinctive appeal. We are as choosy as our customers.

Quality Products

More often than not, our customers already know what they are looking for. They are familiar with the products we carry. Our customers tend to know the reputation for premium quality before they find us. We don’t really sell them, the products sell themselves.

Customers find us because we know the products we carry, we offer them at competitive prices, and we provide great customer service.

Affordable Payments

We make great products available to more people with the Showcase Credit plan– fast application, easy to qualify, instant approval, reasonable terms. Best of all, our customers can hold on to the cash in their purse or wallet and make affordable monthly payments.

It’s Relly Good, but Not Complicated

Why make things difficult? We want our customers to say good things about us. And they do, because we choose great products. High quality products make customers happy. Happy customers make our business easier to manage… and much more enjoyable. We get very few complaints and returns. We don’t need a huge customer service department to handle them. In fact, happy customers are the best ambassadors for Showcase Selections.

“Happy customers make doing business fun, so make them happy.” That’s a business philosophy we can live with.